• We Converted Our House From Gas To Electric
    It was a 4-year process that began back in 2017 when we bought this cute little house. One of the first things we did after buying the
  • Little Tech Spec
    Epic! digital library for kids seems to be working out great on my kid’s new device. She uses it on her school computer and tells me her
  • Redirect “add to cart” from specific category
    Between sketching on the playground with my toddler (more on that below code), I spend a fair bit of time staring at code.  I’d probably spend a
  • When Your Job Interview Was Just a Scam
    I went through an entire interview with a scammer.  It felt so real, and I really wanted it to be real.  The interview itself took three and
  • Typogram, Typography, or Calligram?
    I’m making a series of animal illustrations by using only words and letters, and I was really confused as to what to call the genre.  So far, I’ve found
  • Descriptions in Woocommerce Shop Page
    Adding descriptions to your Woocommerce Shop Page: Open your FTP client Make a new folder and place in your child theme.  Name it “woocommerce” Copy the file
  • M4R to iPhone Ringtone
    How Turn Your Custom .m4r Files Into An iPhone Ringtone In 4 Steps   You’ve gotten to this page because you just dropped a bunch of $$$ on
  • Elements Of Creating An Adult Coloring Book
    Here’s what I’ve learned from self publishing via Amazon’s Createspace: Look at what’s popular.  When I started, the most popular books included mandalas, cats, and the famous “Secret Garden”.  But,
  • 3 Important Tips For Showing Your Paintings In A Gallery
    If you’ll be showing your work at business establishments (restaurants, galleries, community centers…etc.), here are a few things to keep in mind: 1 – Secure your wire.  Many
  • Joggling Newbie
    In late January 2016 – I decided to take up juggling and got myself a pair of balls.  Ironically, I share a last name with this “Mister
  • Breakfast Salad
    Ever since I read “Born To Run”, I’ve been making these salads for breakfast.  Mind you, that isn’t what the book was about.  It was mostly about
  • Windows 10 Update
    I decided to update my Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.  Here’s how it went (roughly): I first noticed the cool interface.  I liked
  • Surface Pro 3 (Artist Review)
    Pre-order drama I might as well start this story from the very beginning.  I pre-ordered the i5 128 with the keyboard maybe a few weeks before the
  • The Job(s)
    I’ve been working on a short film called “Ogre & The Mermaid”.  You can find out more about it here: http://ogremermaid.blogspot.com I’ve also recently picked up an instructing
  • the latest projects
    For those of you who’ve been wondering: I’m not dead, between projects and other things, I just haven’t had much time to blog. While diving into existential-land
  • My First Publication!
    For the first time, and from my blog to your eyeballs, I’d like to present to you: “THAT FISH ON YOUR DISH” (A book for children with
  • Spring is here!
    To answer your question, the RSS works with Feed Burner.  Feed Burner should work with services called “Readers”.  The simpler way to subscribe to my site would
  • Planet Corn
    Yet another painting inspired by the Omnivore’s Dilemma.  The original won’t be up for sale until it goes on display at the next MAAG show (assuming I
  • GMO’s
    Since I had a complete running-fail last week, I’m hoping to have just a little more motivation for tomorrows run.  
  • Dino Friend
    Slap some paint on canvas for 2 shows Eat lunch Send an application  send another application Purchase molasses & cat food Run 15 miles  Run 9 miles
  • My New Rack
    Some of you art lovers will be delighted to know that I have just completed my first work of intentionally abstract art (besides the Venetian plaster jobs).  Yes, you
  • A Long Walk
    Right now, at this very moment, I’m supposed to be back-seat gaming as my better-at-video-games-half plays Borderlands II. Instead, I failed to create a new post featuring
  • uphill
    To respect of uphill battles, there are things I would love to elaborate on here in this blog, but, never did.  Here is the list of things
  • Carnivorous Chef
    SOLD The love for what I do continues to grow.  I love it to the point that I’ll obsess over the most minute details for hours.  It’s
  • Caffeinosaurus
    My pre-coffee status.
  • The Burro and the American Burro
    Oil on canvas – 11×14″ I used to understand the difference between a donkey (burro) and a mule, but, the subject rarely comes up, and I have
  • Fish With Watering Can
    Acrylic on Canvas –  11″x14″ This painting sold within two days of putting her on display.  I’ve been considering jacking up my prices, so you might want
  • Modern Women Running on Beach Pastiche
    Oil on Canvas – 16″x 20″ Someone from DA taught me a new word.  It’s a very special word and I plan to use it to describe
  • Nefertiti as a Fish
    Oil on Canvas – 8″x10″ I was able to post this to Redbubble.  Check it out! Please stand by…
  • Seated Fish With Violin
    Oil on canvas – It’s very late and I forget what size this is. If you’re interested, contact me and I’ll take a measurement for you Inspired by Claude
  • Marilyn Mon-What?! (Copyright)
    Oil on Canvas – 16″x20″ Zazzle did it again.  It removed another one of my fishy parodies while claiming that I infringed on somebody’s copyright.  This time,